West Coast Search Dogs of Washington (WCSD) was founded in April of 1985 as an all-volunteer organization of canine handlers and support personnel dedicated to search and recovery work, The small unit avails itself to assist law enforcement searching for lost children, Alzheimer’s patients, hunters and hikers as described in Washington’s WAC 118-04-100 (13). The response teams also assist in criminal cases locating human trace evidence. Additionally we can assist in locating down aircraft using commercial aircraft receivers (Little L-Pers).

WCSD offers this service free of charge, night or day as a public service.

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We generally search as a team consisting of a dog, handler and at least one support member. All members normally carry their own communications and GPS. Safety is of prime importance; in the order of the team and then the missing subject.

Members pay for nearly all of their training, gear and dog items. Actual search, training, meetings, time away from friends/family, your job, and gear costs add up to a level of commitment beyond most other volunteer memberships. (See joining WCSD)

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Our dogs are trailing scent discriminating and may be used in wilderness, urban, water, cadaver or evidence specialties. Each dog must pass a unit obedience/temperament test before being allowed to train for a search specialty. The dog is audited annually for temperament and every two years in each specialty in which it has been verified. Dogs of most any breed or mix breed up to the age four (4) are allowed if a beginning dog. Relocated SAR dogs of any age are welcome. All relocated dogs must pass WCSD testing before being allowed into the field. Wolves, wolf hybrids or Shutzhound trained dogs will not be accepted.
The unit has been incorporated as a non-profit corporation pursuant to chapter 23.03 of the Revised Code of Washington and section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

We also provide a community out reach program for children or adults on hiking saftey and what to do when lost. See “community programs for additional information.
WCSD pictures may be found at our FaceBook page.