Code of Ethics
As a member of West Coast Search Dogs of Washington (WCSD), I  acknowledge and will strive to embody the term “Search Volunteer”.
I have a moral obligation to the missing, public agencies and other State Emergency workers with whom I work.  I shall endeavor to guard their interests honestly and deal with them fairly, wisely and in an efficient, proper manner.
I will be mindful that my actions represent the unit to both those who also search for the missing, the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management office, the Grays Harbor County Sheriffs Department and the community at large and will act with tact and diplomacy respecting the confidentiality of information I receive.
I will not discredit members of other teams, units or other state emergency workers.  I will not seek to resolve issues that may arise through a public forum, but rather through the appropriate chain of command.
If another person does or says something, which is offensive to me, I will first try to resolve directly with that person and if that fails, I will discuss the matter with one or more of my unit’s officers.
I will honor the cultural, political, religious and racial diversity of all people and treat them with dignity and respect.  In no way will such differences interfere with my assigned duties.
I will remember that personal goals are secondary to the needs of the subject, their family and requesting agencies.  I will support the concept that searching is a team activity and seek to ensure that the best available resources are made available.
I will honestly represent my abilities and limitations to requesting agencies and other teams with whom we deploy.  I will continuously work to improve my personal knowledge and skills and will willingly share such information with others in the spirit of cooperation.  I will assess risks accordingly and not place others or myself in unnecessary jeopardy.
To the best of my ability; I will comply with the by-laws of WCSD, the membership requirements, Handler and K-9 Guidelines (if applicable), and the guidelines for training and field assignments.  In addition, I am aware of the units’ expectation that I attend a sufficient amount of meetings and unit training’s.
That I understand the distinction between dog, handler and flanker teams that are “verified” by WCSD and those that are not.  And that I understand the difference between verification and certification within this unit.
That the objective of training is to become verified and/or qualified in order to be available to assist in Search activities.
That I train with WCSD entirely at my own risk and that I will hold WCSD, Grays Harbor County or the State of Washington harmless for any injury or property loss that may occur during training or any other WCSD activity.
That I understand I shall not represent WCSD in any manner with out the expressed permission of the WCSD membership.  Moreover, while representing WCSD I will not participate in any activity without a state mission/training number.