Joining WCSD
General Membership Requirements
Involvement in any type of volunteer Search and Rescue (SAR) program is a commitment that should not be entered into with out deep consideration.  The sacrifices associated with searching are often more than many individuals are willing and in some cases able to muster.
Unlike many community volunteer efforts, the SAR program at times experiences a high dropout rate.  This is often due to not knowing what to expect when joining a SAR unit.  There is nothing more frustrating than to invest time and money into an activity only to learn later that it just is not what you expected or are interested in.  In an effort to lessen these types of issues, we suggest discussing any SAR program with several team members, your family and employer before making a commitment.
Calls for SAR assistance may come at the least convenient time.  Searches may start in the middle of the night during the worst of Washington weather.  Frequently you may be making decisions of missing personal and family commitments.  Most of the requests for our assistance come from out side Grays Harbor County.  We average around 10 searches per year.
The only way for you and your dog to become knowledgeable and effective is to train, train, train.  As you can see, this can be a labor and time intensive commitment.  There is also a fair amount of financial responsibility.  The committed individuals we are seeking will need to have no fear of the rain, mud, darkness or the deep woods.
Most often you will be working for and under the command of a Law Enforcement official.
Your attitude concerning the law and the people who enforce it must be of the highest respect
Membership is open to any person 21 years or older who resides with-in Grays Harbor County (permanent address (no PO Boxes), Passes a Grays Harbor Sheriff’s back ground check (no criminal background), receives a State Emergency Worker card, has the ability and willingness to acquire gear, complete all training and participate in missions.
Note:  To be a working member of WCSD you do not need to own or train a dog.  Good support members are very much as important as the dog handler and his dog.
We stress that you first must be trained thoroughly as a ground searcher.  Unit Membership does not guarantee a “field” assignment.